ANTES GM, Slovak company, one of the leaders in the field of safety and communication systems.

The company was founded as ANTES GM in 1997 by Peter Marek. The company has built a solidly position on Slovak market during its existence. Today, company belongs to the top suppliers of complete assortmment of low – current systems.The product portfolio contains several areas. The main business area is Fire alarm systems and voice fire alarm. Other business area are:

spark detection and fire detection systems,

detection of hazardous gas leakage,

entry and attendance control systems,

food registration systems,

extinguishing system panels,

single time systems,

structured cabling, data communications networks (including branch offices),

nursecall systems, communications systems and multimedia solutions for hospitals and nursing homes (VISOCAL IP),

Disarm Alarm Systems (PSN),

Measurement and Regulation (MaR),

CCTV systems, portable audio and video systems.


ANTES GM offers complete supply and service of low - current systems. Caring about careful selection of system contractors and training technicians for system implementation and service is the highest priority of the company.

For investors company offers complete service of guidance, projection, delivery, installation, montage and at the end – service of installed equipment. ANTES GM suggests efficient solutions, which are developed and implemented for every challenge and in accordance with the individual wishes and requirements of every customer.

All of offered equipments satisfy the highest standards and criterions of Slovak and European legislation what is being seen on many certificates and certifications. 

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